ICH Special Bulletins for the UN Civil Society Conference 2024

The United Nations General Assembly will hold the Summit of the Future (SOTF) in New York in September 2024, bringing together world leaders to forge a new international consensus on how to, as the SOTF website describes it, “deliver a better present and safeguard the future”. One of the main outcomes of the summit will be a Pact for the Future covering five key areas/chapters – sustainable development and financing for development; international peace and security; science, technology and innovation, and digital cooperation; youth and future generations; and transforming global governance.

Governments are negotiating this pact in the lead-up to the summit based on a zero draft that co-facilitators Germany and Namibia presented to member states on January 29, 2024. The zero draft is based on more than 500 submissions from member states, civil society groups, and representatives of academia and the private sector. The pact will include two annexes, which are being negotiated separately: the Global Digital Compact (GDC), with negotiations co-facilitated by Sweden and Zambia, and the Declaration on Future Generations (DFG), with negotiations co-facilitated by Jamaica and the Netherlands.

The SOTF co-facilitators organised a First Reading and Second Reading for the Pact for the Future between February and April 2024 following which a 224-page compilation text was released with similar processes ongoing/upcoming for the GDC and DFG. This special bulletin prepared by the Summit of the Future Information Clearinghouse (ICH) project offers delegates at the 2024 Civil Society Conference in Nairobi summarised information as 1-pagers on the main topics and proposals under consideration for the five chapters and two annexes of the Pact for the Future.

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