about the summit of the future information clearinghouse


The 2024 UN Summit of the Future (SOTF), called for by the Secretary-General (SG) in his 2021 Our Common Agenda report is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance cooperation on critical challenges and address gaps in global governance”. Recognizing the significance of this summit for the UN and all stakeholders involved, the Information Clearinghouse (ICH) Bulletin aims to monitor and report the intergovernmental negotiations leading up to the SOTF. The ICH Bulletins capture key elements and remarks made by the SG, Member States, NGOs and other stakeholders in UN General Assembly negotiations, policy briefs and other processes feeding into the development of the Pact for the Future – the key outcome document of the SOTF.

The SOTF Ministerial Meeting in September 2023 decided that the Pact for the Future will comprise a chapeau and the five chapters as mentioned below, with the Global Digital Compact and the Declaration on Future Generations included as annexes. For ease of navigation and access, the ICH Bulletins are organized in the same manner in this website along with a dedicated page for the SOTF Ministerial and Scope & Elements.

Chapter I. Sustainable development and financing for development;
Chapter II. International peace and security; 
Chapter III. Science, technology and innovation and digital cooperation;
Chapter IV. Youth and future generations; 
Chapter V. Transforming global governance

Annex 1. Global Digital Compact

Annex 2. Declaration on Future Generations


Eliane El Haber

Eliane El Haber is a young woman from Lebanon. Her educational background is in management and psychology. She is a consultant at UNESCO IESALC in the Youth Strategy Team, a Coalition for the UN We Need Project Lead, a Higher Education for Good Ambassador, and a member of the UNESCO SDG4 Youth & Student Network’s Executive Committee. Eliane is also the founder of G.H.A.D., a not-for-profit based in Lebanon that was established in 2011 and helps students with their academic paths and careers. Eliane also works on research at the national and regional level, focusing on curriculum and education system reforms. She is also the winner of the 2022 UN ESCWA “Restoring Hope: Beyond War and Suffering” Competition.

Project Coordinator

Jebilson Raja Joslin is a systems thinker, centrist and self-learner passionate about improving global governance with the UN at its center. With an academic background in Public Policy and Electrical Engineering, he has work experience spanning various sectors, including the UN system, NGOs, startups and the private banking sector.