bulletins: declaration on future generations

  • The Zero Draft of the Declaration on Future Generations aims to ensure a better future for generations to come by promoting peace, human rights, poverty eradication, and global cooperation. Member States provided feedback on the draft, calling for an action-oriented and ambitious approach, clarity, inclusivity, and considerations for data and cultural aspects. They also highlighted the importance of economic language, gender equality, intergenerational solidarity, and the role of the UN Charter and international law. Key priorities include promoting international peace and security, respecting human rights, guaranteeing future generations’ rights to flourish, preserving a sustainable environment, and strengthening the multilateral system for collaboration and trust-building.
  • The General Assembly committed in Decision 77/568 to adopting a Declaration on Future Generations, which, if approved, would be one of the outcomes of the Summit of the Future, scheduled for September 22–23, 2024, in New York, and annexed to the Pact for the Future. The co-facilitators of the Declaration on Future Generations, H.E. Mr. Brian Christopher Manley Wallace of Jamaica and H.E. Ms. Yoka Brandt of The Netherlands held virtual informal consultations with stakeholders on January 15 and 16, 2024, in advance of the intergovernmental negotiations scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. Separate consultations were held with Youth and Indigenous Groups; United Nations Agencies, Funds, and Programs; Civil society organizations, Research institutions, Academia; and the Private sector.